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Update corsair-icue from 4.32.129 to 4.33.138

Closes #3265.

Signed-off-by: Patrick Linnane <>
Signed-off-by: BrewTestBot <>

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Casks of drivers


After you install Homebrew, run the following command:

brew tap homebrew/cask-drivers

You can now install the casks in this repo.

brew install xbox360-controller-driver-unofficial

Submitting a Cask to this repository


On macOS version compatibility

Drivers have strict requirements regarding which versions of an operating system they can run on. If you wish to expand the OS support for a driver cask, you need to provide a link to the upstream page that verifies said support. This is to say that “I’ve tried it on my machine and it worked” is not sufficient reasoning. For all we know, the software may break on the next point release, or it may just be your specific configuration that allows it to run even though your OS version is not officially supported.

If you believe the upstream requirements are incorrect, please contact them and get them to correct the information on their page, at which point the cask requirements can also be updated.


The Unlicense